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About Your Reservation

• You may reserve any available position on for yourself or for someone else.

• The list at will remain live for 10 years. Each position on the list can be reserved for the 10 year lifespan of the site.

• Reserving this position on entitles you to publish a name, professional title (official or unofficial), and a hyperlinked URL at this position for as long as is live.

Formatted Example

• The following example shows how we will format each position on The example shows a name and title ("John Smith, Founder of Example Company") hyperlinked to a URL ("") at position #25:

25. John Smith, Founder of Example Company

Additional Information

• If you complete your purchase without submitting a name, title, or URL to be posted at your position, we will attempt to contact you at the email address associated with your PayPal payment. If we do not receive a response within 2 days, we will publish the name associated with your PayPal payment at your reserved position.

• In most cases, we will publish your content at your reserved position within 2 days after your purchase is completed. Please contact us at any time to change the content published at your position.

• Payment must be processed successfully to complete your purchase and secure your reservation for this position.

• By reserving a position on, you agree to our Sales and Purchase Agreement. Purchases cannot be returned or exchanged.

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The Top 1000 People in the World Copyright 2019 K. Sweeney

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