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What criteria can we use to determine the Top 1000 People in the World?

Is this a list of the "best" 1000 people in the world? The "most interesting" people, the "most accomplished" people? All of the above and more, or something else?

This is for you to decide!

You can select anyone to be one of the Top 1000 People in the World.

Click on any available position on www.top1000people.com to reserve it for yourself or someone else. You can post a name, professional title, and website address at the position you reserve.

The list of the Top 1000 People in the World will remain public on www.top1000people.com for at least 10 years following its launch in October 2018.

We plan to introduce new features to www.top1000people.com on an ongoing basis.

This list is strictly limited to 1000 positions. Each position will be reserved for the 10 year lifespan of the site, so reserve a spot while you can!


If you have a question about this site, please contact us at info[REMOVEthisTEXT]@top1000people.com.

If you have questions or concerns about an order or PayPal payment, please contact us at orders[REMOVEthisTEXT]@top1000people.com. In your message, please reference the position number you have reserved and either the "Transaction ID" or "Receipt No." found in the payment receipt emailed to you by PayPal.

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The Top 1000 People in the World Copyright 2019 K. Sweeney

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